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Free Woocommerce Product Feed plugin

Product Feed Silver Settings

Looking for a Free WordPress Plugin that creates an xml product feed from your Woocommerce products? Product Feed Silver is just that!

We created Product Feed Silver because the other options are simply too expensive for small shops. Creating a plugin that build a Google Shopping ready xml-product feed for Woocommerce isn’t so complicated. It really shouldn’t cost €50 or more.

Free Woocommerce Product Feed

The very first version is now available for download. We still have a few bugs to smooth out, and we will add more functionality in the near future, but it should help you get your products in Google Shopping. But Product Feed Silver essentially offers a Free Woocommerce Product Feed solution.

Are there restrictions? Only because we can’t build everything instantly… We currently support only 1 Google Product Category per feed, we haven’t tested with more than 500 products and we do not support product variations.


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